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Advantages of Private Ambulance Services Over Public Ambulance Services

January 15th, 2021

Ambulances are vehicles used for providing emergency or non-emergency transport to a patient outside the hospital or any other medical facility. They carry medical personnel, including paramedics and medical technicians to the required site. They give immediate medical aid and close monitoring of patients on their way to the nearby hospital or emergency room. They also transport patients who are not in the condition of traveling by means of normal vehicles. They have flashing bulbs and sirens which separate them from other vehicles and aid them to reach on their destination in a matter of minutes. The ambulance services are divided into two categories; public services and private services.

Public services- Public services are operated by the state. The fund comes partly from your pocket and partly from the taxpayers. Every area has its own public services and they seldom serve outside their domain. Moreover, the services and facilities provided by the public ambulances are limited and they have some definite terms of functioning. Though they cost a little less, their limitations sometimes require the need for private ambulance services.

Private services- The private ambulances are private organizations which work on a reservation basis. However, the complete cost of booking a private ambulance and providing the requisite facilities are charged by the patient (or whoever books them). Since they are independent bodies, the services they offer are quite flexible and often more convenient.

Advantages of private services over public services

There are many situations where private services are more preferable some of which are:

Public ambulance services can be available only in the case of emergency. So, in such cases where there is no real emergency and an ambulance is required for the convenience and comfort of the patient, a private ambulance service is necessary.
Public ambulances have their specific regions of serving and they can carry the patient to the nearest hospitals and they generally do not offer you any choice as to which hospital or clinic you want to go. So, if you are receiving your treatment from a much preferable hospital, which is out of the working area of the local ambulance services, then private ambulance services are your only option.
Sometimes, large companies or organizations want to keep an ambulance or a few for large events to give medical help for when an emergency condition arises. Of course, public ambulances can’t serve the purpose. Private ambulances, however, will be quite suitable and they can be booked in the desired number for the desired time.
Patients who are not in the condition of going to a medical facility themselves nor have anyone who can go with them and give the required support may need to call private ambulance services.
Cost of private ambulance services
The cost of private services can vary a lot on the type of services opted. More luxurious facilities will obviously cost you more money.